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The library gym is one of the most trusted gyms in the centre of Notting Hill. We have competitive gym membership prices that are worth every penny. Our membership plans are flexible and we have packages suited to every fitness goal.

When you sign up, we’ll send limited gym membership deals that are worth taking. These are deals for unlimited time only, so be sure to check your inbox and even your spam box to get the latest news and events. Our gym membership fees cover important facilities including fitness studio classes, amenities, gym equipment and more.

What’s even better – you’ll have your first one-hour free personal training session when you become a member. Experience what we have to offer with our top-notch facilities and helpful staff. With your free one-hour session, you’ll try out our equipment, work out in our studios, and have an unforgettable first workout experience with us.

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Stellar Customer Reviews

My trial lesson convinced me to become a full-time member of The Library Gym. My coach was Jim, and he was amazing in teaching me the right form and how to execute them correctly.

George N.
Free Lesson

I always have my Zumba classes with The Library Gym because of the fun and energising trainers. I got to know my fellow Zumba-mates and made friends at the gym.

Noah L.
Fun Zumba

It’s nice to work out in a gym with complete facilities and equipment. Nothing is lacking, so it’s easy to switch from one piece of equipment to another.

Jackie S.
Complete Equipment

Superior Trainers At Affordable Prices

Pushing yourself to go to the gym is already a big first step. But you also need someone to push you to keep going in your workout. With the right trainer, you’ll optimise your workout to the fullest. Wondering how much is a gym membership at The Library Gym? Get in touch today to find out!