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Beginners can find the gym a bit intimidating, mainly because they don’t really know where to start. From unfamiliar equipment to executing the wrong form, beginners tend to shy away from the gym and its fitness classes.

We get you! And you don’t have to feel that way with The Library Gym. With us, you’ll meet helpful instructors to make you feel confident and comfortable in your workouts. We have gym classes for beginners that are easy to follow.

Be part of our group gym and meet fellow gym buddies that help and motivate each other to push harder and keep you going.

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We have several workout classes for every type of gym-goer. For those who like to rehabilitate their mind and body, our yoga and pilates classes are a popular choice. If you prefer more energy and combination, try out our dance classes, cycle classes and HIIT workouts. You can book a free class for a one-hour session when you sign up and become a member.

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Cardio Classes For Beginners

Cardio Classes For Beginners

We have light to moderate cardio classes to help you get back on track slowly but surely. They are fun and fat burning that’ll tone your whole body. Choose from our several classes including Zumba class, aerobics class, boxing, circuit training, combat class, cycle class and step class.

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Reliable Customer Reviews

Going to the gym has never been easy and comfortable. The instructors are kind enough to help me and motivate me in the best way possible. This has been my favourite gym so far.

Jacky S.
Kind instructors

I signed up and joined their Zumba classes and it was really fun. Exercising isn’t boring anymore ever since I joined. The music was great and the instructor was full of contagious energy.

Harry L.
Fun, interesting classes

I was only a beginner. Jesse, my instructor, made it easy but highly effective. I lost a few pounds after following her strict fitness plan. She also gave me some nutritional tips for an optimised weight loss plan.

Raffy D.
Personalised beginner classes

Sculpting And Toning Classes

Each of our classes has a set of targets that benefits a specific part of the body, your strength and muscle conditioning.

For instance, our abs class targets the abdominal area and strengthens your core. It helps shape and define your targeted area.

Our body toning class is a whole-body workout with some great music to go along with. The main goal of this class is to help burn fat and boost metabolism. Even as a beginner, you can follow the recommended reps and weights by our professional instructors.

Gym classes for beginners don’t have to be hard or boring. Simply choose from our list of effective classes.

The Library Gym
The Library Gym
The Library Gym

Gym Classes For Beginners By Certified Instructors

The library gym hires only the best and most reliable. Our instructors are well-trained and certified by the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity (CIMSPA). CIMSPA is a trusted accreditation for sports trainers. Trainers who are certified are highly knowledgeable and can recommend a safe and effective workout plan. With our certified instructors and effective gym classes, you’ll reach your goal with the best results at your own pace. The best workout is the one that produces results for your heart, weight and mental health. The more you see results, the more you are motivated to push towards a sustainable healthy life.

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