Atlantis Beach Bag

Atlantis Beach Bag
Categories: Gym Cloths, Gym Bag
Brand: Etsy - TagandCrew
Color: Black
Size: L
25.85 GBP
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This NEW Atlantis Beach Bag is a versatile bag that you can use at the beach, around the house, as a storage bag, laundry bag & more! The bag is a spacious round structure bag that’s not too bulky or large. It has a thin rope drawstring closure that allows you to tie it however you want. You can easily carry the Atlantis Beach Bag from the base or tie the rope securely in a knot to carry it from the top. Whichever method you decide, this bag lets you decide it’s use! Drawstring rope closure Large front pocket Measures 16H x 17W x 11D Atlantis Beach Bag