Disc Golf Bag

Disc Golf Bag
Categories: Gym Cloths, Gym Bag
Brand: Etsy - SeamsandStones
Color: Brown
Size: custom
35.17 GBP
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The perfect disc golf backpack designed by me. This disc golf backpack is a drawstring design & made with a vintage burnt sienna vintage corduroy & a bohemian butterfly design. Fully lined & seamless, this bag has a front putter pocket (also lined). Designed with brushed metal grommets & secured & set in 100% real upcycled leather. The straps are real paracord & knotted & fused at the ends for a secure hold. Easy open & close this bag measures about thirteen by seventeen inches & is perfect for adults or children alike. The bag can hold roughly up to seven discs, pending speed. Put in less & throw a water bottle, keys & your phone in it & you are ready to go! The diversity of this bag is great, you don’t have to use it to disc golf at all, its a great all the time use backpack for any occasion! Disc Golf Bag