Fabric Jewelry Tote - Mini Size Pouch Wicky Wacky

Fabric Jewelry Tote - Mini Size Pouch Wicky Wacky
Categories: Gym Cloths, Gym Bag
Brand: Etsy - IslandJewelryBags
Color: Blue
Size: custom
9.31 GBP
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This is going to be one of your favorites. Such a beautiful color combination of swirls outlined in gold etching. The gold etching may be a little hard to see in the photos, so trust me, you will like this bag even more when you are holding it in your hand. Turquoise blues & purples make such a beautiful combo. Love it! Inside this jewelry bag are 4 individual compartments to separate & protect your jewelry, plus a padded, middle area. This is the perfect size to keep in your purse or gym bag. The drawstrings close tight so jewelry stays securely inside. Closed, this jewelry pouch is about 2 wide, 2 tall & opens flat to 7. (5 cm wide, 6 1/4 cm tall & opens flat to 17 3/4 cm) Colors in this jewelry bag: shades of turquoise, blue, purple, white & gold etching This listing is for one Mini jewelry bag. We sell five different sizes. This size is our smallest bag & it is just SO CUTE. If you would like to see a comparison of the five sizes we offer see the listing entitled, Inside Pockets & Dimensions. To see all the bags available in one size click on the desired size under Shop Sections in the upper left of our store. This jewelry tote is also available in our Medium & Giant size. Combining two totes in different sizes but the same print makes an excellent gift! This jewelry bag is made of 100% cotton & can be hand washed & air dried. Jewelry bags hold more than you might think. To see how much this bag can hold type Bag Capacity in the search box to view the listing, How much Jewelry can you Stuff into our Bags & still get them closed? The jewelry bag you are sent will be out of the same fabric as pictured, but may or may not be the exact one pictured. Although we carry an inventory of bags ready for shipping, our quantity available indicates the number of bags that can be made out of each fabric. Because each fabric can be made into several different sizes, we do not make all the bags ahead of time. If we do not have the quantity available that you want, please contact us. Why choose Island Jewelry Bags? Each of our bags is made of top quality fabric & materials. The ribbon is custom ordered for high quality & durability. The ribbon ends are treated to prevent fraying. All of our bags are carefully handcrafted, one at a time. We take great pride in creating beautiful jewelry bags that will last for years, & bags we know you will love. May all your travels be fantastic & include our bags! Fabric Jewelry Tote - Mini Size Pouch Wicky Wacky