Harbinger Palm Guard Training Glove - Grey

Harbinger Palm Guard Training Glove - Grey
Categories: Gym Cloths, Gym Bag
Color: grey
Size: S
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Designed as a minimalist glove, the Harbinger Women’s Palm Guard™ is constructed with a high abrasion synthetic material that features a silicone grip. Versatile functionality makes them the perfect glove for doing reps at the gym, the WOD in a Cross Fit box, or any functional fitness exercise. The Harbinger Harbinger Women’s Palm Guard™ offers protection to the parts of your hand that are most susceptible to damage and helps prevent blisters and calluses. Featuring a thumb anchor, the Palm Guard is designed to stay in place throughout your routine while maintaining hand sensory functionality. During tough workouts, sweat is no match for the moisture wicking fabric and vented palm. For every workout, every gym bag needs the Harbinger Women’s Palm Guard™.