Rainbow Brite Girl Bubble Gum Keychain

Rainbow Brite Girl Bubble Gum Keychain
Categories: Gym Cloths, Gym Bag
Brand: Etsy - LaylouPinksBoutique
Color: Rainbow
Size: S
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Calling all 80’s kids! This bubblegum bead keychain // purse charm // bag pull will be super fun no matter what you choose to use it for. Rainbow Brite inspired. Attach your keys to make them easier to find! Hang it from your purse to show-off your sunny personality! Attached it to you or your child’s backpack, gym bag, activity sack to make it easier to identify them in a crowd! Attach it to zippers to make them easier for little/shaky hands to grab. It was made with high quality silver findings, including both a lobster swivel clasp & silver keyring, & four 20 mm bubblegum beads. Bead Colors & designs may vary from picture. Each keychain will have at least one special bead. Such as, stripes, polka dots, rhinestones, etc. The rainbow girl is made from air dry clay. Please note, these have flat backs & are handmade. PLEASE NOTE: These clays are HANDMADE & vary from one clay to the next. No two clays are identical. Due to being handmade, each item is unique & may not look exactly as the photo(s), & may have normal, very small/not obvious flaws (example: one polka dot may be larger than others, piece of lint or another piece of clay of a different color may have dried out of place, small scratch/indention, etc). This item may contain small parts that may pose a choking hazard to children. Please supervise children with any & all products provided/sold by the company Caring for your keychain: Keychains are made with premium modeling clay. Just like us, they are not immortal; but doing the following will help your keychain last longer. Keep it out of direct heat or the sun! The sun will fade colors in the resins & clay. Extreme cold can make any clay pieces or plastic brittle. Do not play or keep tugging on the reel-It is not a yo-yo; repeatedly pulling on it will ruin the elastic. Don’t throw it around - There are pieces glued on. There is a chance that dropping it could cause pieces to pop off. If this happens, super glue works. Clay items can be durable if you take care of them. Avoid high impact, or putting pressure on the thinner areas-it may cause breakage on the piece. Avoid getting it wet, a splash will be fine, but its not water resistant if soaked. This is for decorative use only. Rainbow Brite Girl Bubble Gum Keychain