Shellie May Chalk Bag

Shellie May Chalk Bag
Categories: Gym Cloths, Gym Bag
Brand: Etsy - NERVOU5kiosk
Color: Grey
Size: custom
42.85 GBP
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Unique eye-catching chalk bag that will make you the shiniest rock climber in your climbing gym & wild! Once using it, motivation of climbing adrenaline level. (However, it’s not proved with solid data) All our chalk bags are made from soft plush toy. All of them have polypropylene webbing rim, polar fleece inner bag. Besides, they all come with a free handesewn waist loop & a ball (for helping get chalk & my boyfriend says that’s very useful). Size of Chalk bag (approx.) Chalking Depth: 19cm Diameter of rim: 11.5cm Shellie May Chalk Bag