Wet Bag, Cloth Diaper Large Waterproof Toiletry Wash Zippered Pouch, Shoe Travel Gym Reusable Animal

Wet Bag, Cloth Diaper Large Waterproof Toiletry Wash Zippered Pouch, Shoe Travel Gym Reusable Animal
Categories: Gym Cloths, Gym Bag
Brand: Etsy - TextileTrolley
Color: Blue
Size: L
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FARM ANIMAL WET BAGS in 3 sizes & 3 prints. Bags in farm animals, chickens or sheep. These water resistant bags are great as a cloth diaper bag, toiletry bag, wash bag, shoe bag, travel bag, gym bag, beach bag, you name it. Great gift for new babies, children or adults. Extra large roomy enough to hold swimsuit & towel or change of clothes. Folds down small to fit in any compact area. 3 SIZES MEDIUM 8.5 tall x 12.5 width LARGE 12.5 tall x 12.5 width EXTRA LARGE 17 tall x 12.5 width Choose with or without strap SUGGESTED USES cloth diapering toiletries wet swimsuits reusable diapers soiled clothes (think potty training) sandy clothes (think beach/playground) Stinky clothes (think gym) change of clothes for school multiple packed lunches toys cold weather accessories (wet mitts, hats, scarves) travel dirty laundry bag travel shoe bag Seams are sewn multiple times over in different areas of the fabric for the strongest, tightest most water resistant seam. There are no visible seams inside the bag other than the 1 small seam where the hole was that I used to turn the bag right side out which is tightly stitched closed on the inside side of the bag. Bags are made from 2 separate pieces of fabric to help prevent leakage. A cotton outer & a food safe waterproof lining so it’s safe to fill with your favourite snacks too. ZIPPER A large pull zipper which is easy to grasp & just glides open & closed (my favourite zippers ever). ZIPPER COLORS MAY VARY but will always coordinate with the fabric. Zipper is twice stitched for extra strength. STRAP is made of 4 layers of quilting cotton it is attached & sewn into the seam multiple times at one side, unsnapped it measures approx 12 Wrap it around the stroller or headrest in the car, hang it on a hook, slip it around your wrist, whatever you need. Fold up the bag & wrap the strap around the bag to keep it all wrapped up. All snaps are securely fitted using industrial quality machinery. Snaps have passed okeo-tex standards making them free of harmful substances. FABRIC Quilting cotton outer White waterproof lining that is… Certified Safe: CPSIA compliant, meeting stringent standards by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission on lead & phthalates & flammability. It is also certified for food contact & storage per 21 CFR 175.300 & 175.320 is compliant with CPSIA sections 101, 108 & 16 CFR Part 1303 for lead & phthalates & flammability for laminated textiles per 16 CFR Part 1615. Super durability: proven extrusion coating process creates a safe, waterproof barrier that is tested to remain supple & impermeable after more than 300+ washings. 100% eco-friendly. Manufactured with minimum environmental impact. 75% vinyl (proprietary formulation), 25% polyester CARE Machine wash cool & hang to dry or tumble dry low….just toss them in with everything else. If you would like to iron the cotton please pull the lining out of the bag first!! DO NOT LET THE IRON TOUCH THE WATERPROOF FABRIC! Please keep bags away