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Having a personal trainer can give you the flexibility of your workouts at any time you want. They offer more in-depth support and personalised tips for your fitness goals. Once you contact us, we’ll send you our personal training prices.

What’s great about a personal trainer is that you can have a workout at a personal training gym or at home. Your personal trainer is more than just your instructor. They become your lifelong partner while sharing the same vision as you have for your body transformation.

That’s why choosing the right instructor and personal training studio are crucial for your fitness goals. At The Library Gym, we will unlock the results you want and unleash your inner potential.

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Let’s get started with your personal training programme by filling in the contact form below. Once you sign up, you are entitled to a one-hour free personal training session at no extra cost. Claim your FREE session and discover why people love our gym. We have instructors with a proven track record, thus, we are proud to say we are true to our word of producing results for our clients.

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    What You'll Get On Your First Personal Training Day

    To help you get started and to let the instructor know your level, the trainer will conduct a fitness test that includes exercises and body measurements. The personal trainer will get to know your condition by asking about your medical history and your preferred exercises.

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    Customer Reviews

    What Our Members Have To Say About Us

    Their trainers are very professional and motivated. My instructor Mike made sure I was doing the right form and explained the pros and cons very well. I will definitely book him again!
    Jennifer K.
    Professional instructors
    I hired a personal trainer to help me get started as a beginner. Jim was my coach for the weekend and he was able to give me simple exercises to follow that helped me tone my muscles.
    Samantha B.
    Great beginner's workout
    I finally tried out my first free personal training class. It was great! We first started with a fitness test to get to know what my body needs. And then, we proceeded with cardio as my initial exercise.
    Scott T.
    Best free class

    The Benefits Of A Personal Trainer

    Why should you hire a personal trainer from us? First, we can teach and guide you on how to execute the proper form safely and correctly.

    Second, it’s always great to have a pair of eyes to be on the lookout for your position, whether it needs some adjustments or corrections.

    Third, it will save you time in searching for the best exercises and the time to work efficiently, especially if you are doing the right exercises. Our trainers already have the knowledge and expertise to know what works and what doesn’t for your body type.

    And lastly, exercising at our personal training gym can help you push yourself more and never give up.

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    Certified Personal Training Gym

    Our personal trainers have a proven track record.

    Safety is our top priority. The library gym only hires personal trainers who have undergone training courses and certification from accredited organisations.

    Our trainers are fully qualified and insured. We want to make sure you are safe with your workout routines and achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

    Personal training should be chosen carefully as it plays a key role in your body transformation. Hire a personal trainer from The Library Gym and have a session at the gym or via online video sessions. Simply book a schedule on our website and choose the location of your training session.